FOR all those young boys who wanted to be James Bond when they grow up – one man has shown that you don’t need any qualifications to be a secret agent.

The Valencia man posed as a secret agent to recruit female trainees in return for money, jewellery and sexual favours.

The 56-year-old offered a €1,900 monthly salary to those who passed the training.

Convincing the recruits to steal gold and jewellery, and perform sexual acts – he told them the training was top secret and that they had to guarantee their silence.

A 45-year-old woman was also arrested, for her part in the scam.

They have both been charged with fraud, attempted sexual assault, blackmail and impersonating a police officer.

When police searched the man’s home they found five guns, three fake firearms, military uniforms,and false identity documents.

So far 11 victims have been identified throughout Valencia and Alicante.

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