TWENTY-FIVE snakes have been captured by the Group Protection of Nature (Grupona) in Malaga so far this year.

The majority of those taken away were not lethal – which was lucky for the police officer who was bitten by a 1.2m horsehoe snake found in a toilet, in a bar in Phidias.

Yesterday, a 1.5m snake was discovered inside a home in Corpus Christi street, in Malaga.

The snake was taken to the Municipal Animal Health Centre, where it was picked up by the Centre for Native Species Recovery (CREA), and returned to its natural habitat.


  1. We are in a campsite in Torre del Mar and recently had a 3 foot snake on the pitch, it was slender and strongly marked, but it had a ring around its neck, its not the first of that description that has come onto the campsite.
    Please, do you know what it is and if it is dangerous.
    I have googled it but cannot find anything with a ring around the neck.

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