THE EU is appealing to Spain to offer compensation to any victims of the Spanish Coastal Law.

The European Parliament’s Petitions Committee has called for a fair compensation system to be put into place to benefit those whose houses were demolished or expropriated under the old law.

The move is a reaction to the numerous complaints it has received from those affected over the past decade.

In a report it also stated protected coastal zones should not be used to build new property.

It also called for data inland and property registers to be updated so all owners are properly informed of their rights and their possibilities of access to justice.

The move was approved by 16 votes to three.

The news comes a couple of months after a revised Coastal Act was approved and passed into law, protecting both existing maritime boundaries and properties built before 1988.

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  1. The problem is that in Spain it takes 4 years plus to come to court
    then even if the court says you are entitled to compensation
    the local authorities just do not pay
    they do not say they will not pay they just never do
    The whole thing drags on for decades till people die or leave the country

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