16 Oct, 2013 @ 14:00
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Axarquia road safety fears


SAFETY fears have been raised over the lack of maintenance in an Axarquia town.

The poor condition of the roads and pavements in La Legion was condemned by members of the Andalusian Party during a recent visit.

Representatives expressed their concerns that children and the elderly could be at risk of suffering a fall.

Other concerns included broken tree bases, dangerous slopes and lose tiles on roofs.

The party has called on the town hall to repair the roads and carry out essential garden maintenance.

Claire Wilson

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  1. This problem is the same across the whole region. “No dinero” is the constant answer from the town hall.

    Meanwhile, IBI and other taxes continue to rise. Once every decade you’ll see some improvements being made; this is how Spain is run and there is no transparency to find out how tax income is actually spent. Town centres are often cleaned and kept nice, but if you live outside a town nucleus you’ll rarely ever see the infrastructure being maintained. Nothing in Spain is repaired or replaced until it has almost disintigrated lol.

  2. not sure why you laugh at the end Fred? But yes, no dinero is what we get told when asking at the local town hall.

    Most dual carriage ways are SO much better and freer of traffic than back in the uk (I can’t remember the last traffic jam we had in Spain), and most other roads seem ok until you get patches of utterly terrible stretches. These are sometimes on disputed territory – which town hall is responsible for which area. Still… it’s definitely a case of Viva España or we might as well leave this fantastic country!

  3. Of course there are no traffic jams. People can’t afford cars.
    The next problem will be total gridlocks of burros. If you ARE going to leave by car Roger, better hurry, or you’ll have to walk. Even those lovely? dual carriageways will look like a war zone.

  4. @Roger, I lol at the absurdity of it you appreciate; people often laugh in disbelief.

    Most dual carriageways are of course empty because people cannot afford petrol and there is no real commuting as there are no jobs to commute to. There are large traffic jams around Malaga most days, so we have different personal experiences there. The inland roads are actually quite attrocious, especially since most repairs have not been done since the massive rains of 2011 and 2012. The the “motorways” are generally very good. Motorways will be in good condition when they are used less, of course.

  5. Fred I can remember that large whole section of motorway near Lorca disappearing the other year. A fantastic road normally, but then.. GONE! I must admit coastal traffic can be a bind. We normally travel from Mojacar area up to Granada.

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