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Costa del Sol entertainer in case of mistaken identity

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A WELL known entertainer on the coast faces an uncertain Christmas due to a misunderstanding with two plain clothes Spanish police.

Father-of-three Jason Coleman, 44, was pinned to the ground and handcuffed after he ran from what he thought was an attempted mugging.

It happened when he accidentally knocked on the door of an apartment under surveillance by police in Benalmadena.

The Mancunian, who has lived on the coast for a decade, had actually meant to knock on his friend´s door, who lived one floor above.

“It all started when I went to see a friend in the Ibis apartments in Benalmadena” explained the singer, who lives nearby.

“I didn’t know the block very well and got off on the wrong floor. As I was knocking on what I thought was his front door, a man and a woman came up behind me.

“They shouted ‘police’ and flipped their badges at me really quickly. They were not in uniform and I didn’t get a chance to see them,” explains Jason, who had unwittingly knocked on the door of a Moroccan drug dealer under surveillance.

Assuming he was about to be mugged he broke free and ran to the lobby where he thought he was safe.

But the policemen chased him and he was bundled to the ground and put under arrest.

He was taken to Torremolinos Police Station where he was kept in a cell for 24 hours and not allowed to make a phone call to let his wife know what had happened.

“It caused my family huge stress because I didn’t come home that night. My wife was very worried and put a post out on Facebook, asking if anyone had seen me.”

He was eventually released and charged with resisting arrest and told he cannot leave the country.

“I have no idea what is going on and have not been told if I am going to court or not and when.

“Clearly a planned trip back to the UK to see my family is in the balance. I’m not in a position to hire a solicitor, so it really is causing me and my family a lot of stress.”

He continues: “I’m an honest guy. I’ve worked hard and done everything correctly here. I’m a family man and my three kids were really upset when I didn’t come home that night. The whole thing is totally ridiculous. I am desperate for some help and advice.”

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  1. Incidents of fake police robbing motorists were reported in O.P. some months back. I remember wondering what would happen should a motorist innocently flee from real police in light of these reports. Now I know. (Most respondents assured me there was nothing to worry about).

  2. @ Stefanjo, there IS something to worry about & it costs you!
    Having read articles you described about “fake police” robbers and talked about these – this is what happened.
    I and my lady partner (both in our 70’s) were returning from dinner one early evening. Stret lights were out on the Ronda Road and as we drove around a rotary at 20 KPH, we saw a man in a dark outfit, standing directly infront of a BAR/VENTA with no police car or lite/signposts to stop and something in his hand. Only the dim lights from the BAR and rotary were on so we could not make him out. We drove past him and commented again about the “fake police” robberies we read about. Weeks later, I get a Traffic Fine in the post from the Guardia for passing thru a police stop! I return to that same rotary at night after that, take photos of the road/rotary/BAR/poor lighting – hire an Abogado to appeal this Fine with explanation and photos attached. Denied by the Guardia! And my Abogado informed me that an Appeal would simply be heard by the same Guardias that denied my original explanation. A Fine cost me 200+ euros!
    Be cautious – the government departments need more money too

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