GALE force winds and torrential rain lashed the region over the Christmas holiday as the 112 emergency services recorded more than 100 incidents.

The A92 near Antequera was briefly closed as teams worked to clear a fallen tree while rockfalls were reported on the A397 between San Pedro and Ronda and on the A366 as it passes through Ronda.

Ronda was also hammered by 80km/h gusts of wind as public parks were closed because of the danger of falling branches and trees.

In Malaga province the highest recorded rainfall was in Cortes de la Frontera – accumulating 80 litres per square meter. Much less rain was registered on the Costa del Sol with 21 litres at the airport, 26.5 litres in Fuengirola and 38 litres in Estepona.


  1. Storm force winds were the major problem in the Campo de Gibraltar. My terrace roof was ripped off in the middle of the night, damaging several nearby properties.
    Had insurance assessor round yesterday and this area has been declared a disaster area.

  2. Fred,
    surprised your neighbour lost his panels, normally these are bolted to the underlying roof structure.

    Biggest problem I can see is for hailstorms. Two of these storms hit two different areas in France and smashed tiles and slates to pieces – was’nt there such a storm that destroyed fruit trees in Andalucia – makes you think.

    Great comment on the 28th no cacca/yaya/Roger/Egosteve reply.

  3. Had insurance assessor here Friday and he says the area has been declared a disaster zone, so they shouldn’t be able to get out of it. Now have to wait for some bigwig to come down from Barcelona before any repairs can be done – how long?

  4. Neighbour told me that they were taking down the panels in any event because of the new solar tax – he had some notification sent to him and did not want to go through all the paperwork. It seems the install was ok but the roof itself was not strong enough – this must be a 1m euro villa but the price is a meaningless factor when it comes to build quality, as of course we all know. The widely reported golf-ball sized hailstorm in Marbella a few years back damaged hundreds of cars and badly injured a few people too. There’s even a video of some cars floating down the street on YouTube I recall.

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