A NOVEL based on the life of an Alhambra heiress has been released by local author SA Carney.

Granada Gold, a sweeping historical fiction set in Moorish Spain, follows the life of Juana Trastamara, daughter of Queen Isabel and King Fernando.

The protagonist´s life is turned upside down when her parents defeat the Moors, expel the Jews and send Columbus sailing across the Atlantic.

She is pushed into an arranged marriage with an abusive husband, son of the family´s deadly rivals, leaving her with just one place to turn: England.

Here she meets King Henry VIII, who falls deeply in love with her, setting the stage for international royal passion, betrayal and death.

Author SA Carney said: “I´m fascinated by the twilight of Moorish Spain and the Alhambra palace and gardens.

“This book is written ´on location´ in Andalucia. As an investigative historian I´m intrigued by real people: Juana struggles to survive catastrophic change,” she said.

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