30 Dec, 2013 @ 08:30
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Spain is a sex-pot hotspot


SPANISH men have been voted the world’s best lovers, according to an international poll.

And to rub salt into the wounds, England came second-last last – after German men – for being ‘too lazy’ in bed.

Spanish men were considered ‘natural and self-confident’ between the sheets, while Germans came last for being ‘too smelly.’

The top five went – Spain, Brazil, Italy, France and Ireland.

The other UK nations did marginally better than the English, though the Welsh (7th worst) were criticized for being ‘too selfish’, while Scots (8th worst) are ‘too loud.’

The Greeks (6th worst) are ‘too warm,’ Turkish men (9th worst) are ‘too sweaty,’ while Russian men were found to be the 10th worst, because they are ‘too hairy.’


  1. How can a poll supposedly meant to be taken seriously declare across the board that Germans are too smelly, Russians too hairy and Turks too sweaty? I’d like to see anyone try to do anything in Spain without being too sweaty most of the year. Maybe the Spanish men won by the same means they are so apparently good at football, i.e. by being so self confident that they have no fear of diving, clutching their faces when clipped on the ankle, rolling over and over about ten times when purporting to be injured in a tackle and not understanding the basic principle of sportsman-like conduct? On the other hand you should see my next door neighbour, in her mid 40s with boss eyes and about three teeth…

  2. The poll is completely wrong, I’m English with a good pinch of Italian, and that mix has always served me well, have always been top of the poll as I sing Julio’s song ‘to all the girls I’ve loved before’ lol

    Only kidding to all you other nationalities.

    Just like to know if the Spanish men had full legal title in their conquests, do they use ‘in house’ lawyers, how much are their service charges, does the sun always shine out of their botties, do they charge IVA, are they hoping to ‘flip’ the subject, etc these are the questions a sex poll should be asking? !!!! lol, lol

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