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Nigel Goldman: Responsible reporting


IN our last issue we highlighted the case of ‘Sir’ Nigel Goldman, a well-known Costa character who was a regular at charity events and even, we are sorry to say, advertised with us.

We continue to investigate his comings and goings after a number of readers and a leading coastal lawyer contacted us to help locate him.

However, not everyone believes we are right to be investigating this weasel, who has inveigled himself with costa society and even become part of its fabric.

One ‘responsible’’ paper that gave him a regular column and spent considerable time socialising with him, insisted we were merely running ‘sensationalist tabloid tittle-tattle’.

It went on to describe us as a ‘small inland paper’ despite now being based on the coast, as well as ‘lacking moral fibre’.

Well, for your information, the Olive Press was entirely right to be reporting on the mysterious disappearance of ‘Sir’ Nigel… so says Antonio Flores, the lawyer who has been acting for several of Goldman’s unhappy clients.

He writes how this is exactly the role a free press should be taking… and in fact he says it is our RESPONSIBILITY to be reporting it.

As for moral fibre, let’s just say that we don’t run adult relaxation advertisements in our classified section.

Claire Wilson

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  1. Both Euro Weekly News and Spectrum FM Almeria are culpable for giving this criminal exposure to attract new clients that he could fleece. Spectrum endorsed Goldman by running a ‘fantasy portfolio’ he managed on its website and by phoning him on-air for weekly cosy chats about how much money he was supposedly making for his clients. Goldman had already published a book that admitted his time spent in prison for fraud (find it on Amazon). He was already a convicted criminal, a fact that Euro Weekly News and Spectrum should have checked. Interesting that online photos of the newspaper’s owners and Goldman wining and dining together have since disappeared. If that isn’t an admission of culpability, what is?

  2. It is widely reported elsewhere that Goldman is now in Morocco. Not surprising as that is allegedly where all the missing millions were “invested”. It is said he was spotted there within the past few weeks having lost a great deal of weight, with dyed black hair and moustache! It almost sounds comical if it were not for the seriousness of the allegations.
    I do believe it is correct for this story to be published by the responsible press if it’s in the public interest.
    My only point, to all these investors and any of his associates, media or otherwise, is there is a thing called “due diligence”, which basically means, investigation of a business or person prior to entering into any contract and to act with a certain standard of care. It is a usual business practice. Therefore whether it be Euro Weekly News, Spectrum FM or any of the investors, the minimum due diligence they should have undertaken was to Google Goldman’s name before working with him or handing over their money. There is sufficient information on the first page to indicate giving him a very wide berth!
    While his activities might have been illegal it is totally beyond me why anyone would invest their money with someone with no credentials whatsoever or who does not have any affiliation whatsoever with any regulatory body. It is foolish to say the least.
    Will they catch up with Goldman? Yes of course, eventually!
    Will the investors get their money back? Unlikely!
    Will Goldman be going back to prison? Without doubt!

  3. In 1992 I stupidly bought some coins from Goldman while he was operating from Maidenhead. The coins which cost me about £7,000 I sold last year for £1580 but at least I did not do as badly as others who did not take delivery of their coins just a certificate of ownership while Goldman sold the coins several times to other suckers.
    Let us hope that this shyster is put away for a long time.

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