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Nightmare for Amy

Missing Amy

THE tragic tale of Amy Fitzpatrick could finally be drawing to a close with the news that police are to begin searching an area of wasteland close to where Amy lived with her mother Audrey and her partner Dave Mahon.

All cases where young people go missing are tragic, but Amy’s seems even more so, as stories of a difficult domestic life, missing school and even living rough have emerged.

Last year in a fight in Dublin Mahon killed Amy’s brother Dean in what he claims was self defense.

The latest sad chapter is the news that Audrey has been rushed to hospital in Marbella, where she has been told she needs a liver transplant. It allegedly follows weeks of heavy drinking.

Many come to southern Spain to chase their dreams, but for the Fitzpatrick family it turned into the worst type of nightmare.


Tom Powell

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  1. Have the police not started to search the area of wasteland yet? Surely by now they have?? This whole story is just so sad and does not make sense at all. Why did Audrey flee the hospital? Why did Mahon let her, if she is so sick? There are so many unanswered questions to all of this.

  2. @Coral, if she has discharged herself from the hospital then she will soon be the third victim in this saga. I worry if she dies the truth may be buried with her.

  3. I am not going to comment on the rights and wrongs of this very sad case but I will comment on what has been mentioned in terms of the complete lack of investigation by the Guardia on the Costa Del Sol.
    We lost a daughter , sister, auntie and cousin on the 1st April 2011 . This newspaper reported the loss of our daughter at the time ( 3rd Anniversary approaching as I write) and were also very helpful claiming back money on our daughters Vodafone rental contract months faster our loss and after we informed Vodafone shortly after losing Samantha.
    My point is we were informed by the Guardia on the morning she had been killed by a car on the N340 after jumping onto the carriage way at 3.10 am Friday 1st April. On the same morning myself , my wife and our son have statements at the Guardia station in Fuengirola explaining the previous day and night. I was informed by the authorities that Samantha jumped whilst talking to her boyfriend who had pretended not to be in his apartment in la cala only hours before when Samantha was ringing his intercom as he and others had left her behind in La Cala to go to Puerto Banus. In fact my wife and I were with the boyfriend and others earlier in the la cala bar and Samantha asked me ” what do you think of my boyfriend dad ?” She thought a lot of him.We had the funeral the following week and I know the family felt an incredible amount of support by the number of people who attended , all with pink in their clothes , for Samantha .
    A few weeks later I asked a friend who spoke both Spanish and English if we could visit the police station again and ask if they had found out any further information which we did . On this visit the bereavement / welfare officer said that Samantha had died from the fall/jump, and I asked my friend to question this again , which he did and we got the same answer . In an odd way I felt happier because it meant she did not survive the jump and then watch a car approach which then killed her.
    As our months of grieving began and continue I often wondered why on the morning were we informed she died from a ‘ hit and run ‘ and then to be told our daughter died from the fall . At this point myself and another daughter via a local lawyer made a request to obtain all the reports from the Fuengirola courthouse . These reports included photographs of the bridge from many angles , the N340 ,the point on the bridge where one of Samanthas shoes was on the roadside of the barrier . What surprised me was the shoe , which I can only presume was where she jumper from was only around 12-16 ft up from the road which Samantha knowingly would have survived whilst screaming at her boyfriend for pretending to not be at home .
    Worse still after another request from me,a statement was obtained from the local police who had let a taxi driver leave the scene and the local police since have apologized for their actions .
    I like to think they did their job to the best of their ability but the facts remain , why did the Guardia change their opinion , why was a taxi driver allowed to leave the scene , why were no video tapes taken from a speed camera on the same road, why would I not have been allowed to place a sign asking for witnesses and many more questions .
    I have read on Amy’s page how people feel the Guardia have not done their job properly .
    In Samanthas case I wish in my mind on many days that I was in a position to use the services of a very good barrister and maybe find the driver who killed Samantha. Apologies to all Amy’s family and friends for a long story .Amy and Samantha knew each other .

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