POLICE on the Costa del Sol had a bumper 2013 when it came to hash seizures.

The Drugs and Organized Crime Unit (UDYCO) seized 7.6 tons of marijuana, more than a 182% increase on the previous year.

The unit focussed their efforts on drug-trafficking along the Malaga coastline, with clear results.

Hashish is the primary drug smuggled in this area, due to the proximity to the Moroccan coastline.


  1. Meanwhile thanks to payoffs to the police and Customs the heroin traffic continues unabated.

    Hash does’nt kill but alcohol does in great numbers – death on the road, murder and chronic liver problems just like in other countries but the alcohol barons have the politicians in their pockets so0 no problem for them and their killer narcotic.

    Impressed by some US states that charge drunken driver killers with murder.

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