SPAIN is today marking the ten year anniversary of the Madrid bombings with a special ceremony to remember the 191 people killed.

The simultaneous, coordinated  bombing of four commuter trains also wounded 1,800 people in Spain’s worst ever terrorist attack.

The ceremony in Madrid’s Almudena Cathedral is one of several events being held around the city. Many people are laying flowers and lighting candles at the train stations and sites of the bombings.

The attack, now commonly referred to as 11-M, took place on 11 March 2004, three days before Spain’s general elections.

Ten explosions in total occurred on the trains between 7am and 8am after having left the Alcalá de Henares station.

The attack, two and a half years after the World Trade Centre in New York was destroyed, was western Europe’s deadliest terrorist act since the Lockerbie plane bombing in Scotland in 1988, which killed 270 people.



  1. These people died due to Aznar sucking up to Bush. 94% of Spanish were against it.

    Aznar, must have known that Spain neither had funding, technical know how, intelligence services, working institutions to deal with any fall out and sadly fall out it was for those who died & their families.

    Aznar, dream of landing a South American job in one of the world bodies like WHO, UNESCO, world Bank supported by Bush did not materialise. Unlike the war monger becoming a peace envoy.

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