18 Mar, 2014 @ 18:40
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Spanish pizza chain La Mafia sparks outrage in Italy

La mafia

A BUSY chain of Spanish restaurants has sparked outrage in Italy for its Mob-themed eateries and odes to The Godfather.

There are 34 La Mafia outlets across the country, adorned with images of the Sicilian Mafia’s most notorious killers.

The only thing missing is horses heads on the menu.

But Italians are furious that the Spanish chain is cashing in on the infamy of the Mafia.

“Can you imagine what would happen in Spain, if Italy opened a pair of restaurants dedicated to terrorists from ETA,” insisted crime journalist Attilio Bolzoni.

“Or what would happen in Germany if in Rome they opened breweries with sausage and sauerkraut in honour of the Red Army Faction?”

Spanish diners however have been easily seduced by La Mafia’s pizza and pasta dishes with bosses planning to add another 15 restaurants to the chain’s roster over the next year.

The Spanish business has also boosted its marketing efforts, giving itself the slogan ‘The Mafia creates work’.

This is not the first time a restaurant has exploited the notoriety of the Mafia.

Last summer an Austrian café named its sandwiches after famous victims of the Italian mob. The decision sparked a diplomatic incident between Roma and Vienna.

Claire Wilson

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  1. It’s pointless for Italians to rail against a Spanish company exploiting the Mafia as a selling point. They try to equate them with terrorists. The last thing the Mafia want is the overthrow of the state, that is the source of their wealth!
    They are business people. Nasty ones granted, but driven by profit alone, not politics. There’s nothing new about cashing in on villainy. There are Robin Hood pubs in the U.K. Bank robberies and deadly shoot-outs are staged daily at the fake Western towns in Almeria. Guess they are just miffed they didn’t think of it first. Wonder what the Mafia would say?
    Oh sorry. It doesn’t exist, does it?

  2. No Stefanjo this is entirely different. You are comparing history and fantasy with modern day criminality and brutality. Unfortunately the general pubic doesn’t have the decency to ignore these disgraceful opportunists. They all ought to be ashamed of trivially sanitising the mafia when Italians, mostly, are losing lives daily and law enforcers courageously live every day in fear of execution and retribution for their families. Youngsters are being destroyed because of the drugs they peddle.
    I recall a certain UK most wanted having a bar in Fuengirola which was packed out with groupies. Disgusting!
    Aiding and abetting comes to mind

    Sorry Stefanjo you are being unbelievably crass

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