PLANS have been unveiled for an enormous floating activity park, to open on Gibraltar’s shoreline.

The €4.4 million floating pavilion is the central feature of an activity park which will include many recreational and leisure activities.

The floating section of the park includes four swimming pools, one with a diving tower; two outdoor exercise parks; a kids’ play park and a climbing wall modelled on the Rock.

An on-land section alongside comprises a boardwalk, park areas, a sunbathing area, an outdoor bar and changing rooms.

The park will create new jobs locally, as well as making more land available along the shoreline to boost the numbers of people using the area.


  1. No doubt the materials for this project will be brought in from Spain i.e. concrete lorries, building materials, ceramics to mention just a few items. There will be numerous job opportunities for Spaniards in La Linea and the surrounding area not to mention the boost it will give to the shops, hotels and restaurants close to the border. Very few people stay in hotels in Gibraltar because they are very expensive.

    This links into my comment on the “Trouble in the skies over Gibraltar” article. Spain needs to focus on the benefits of having Gibraltar as a neighbour and instead of treating it like a huge problem, they should see it as an opportunity. There is no reason why this can’t work for all parties involved.

  2. It’s not clear which project the article is referring to. The photo shows Eastern Beach, but the project you’re referring to may be the one proposed for Rosia Bay, which faces the Bay of Gibraltar on the West coast.

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