STUDENTS across the country have launched 48-hours of strike action, throughout secondary school and universities.

The Students’ Union are protesting against education cuts and rising tuition fees, and demanding the resignation of the Minister of Education, Culture and Sport, Jose Ignacio Wert.

The two days of strikes will start with pickets, to encourage young people to support the protest, while tomorrow protest marches will be staged in several provinces across Spain.

The Students’ Union has called on parent-teacher associations and teachers’ unions across the country to ‘not look away’, as explained by General Secretary of the SU, Ana Garcia.

“It’s more necessary now than ever to raise the banner of the green tide and take to the streets in the defence of public education,” she said.

With the addition of two more days of protest, The Students’ Union have now organised a total of 14 days of strikes against Wert and the education cuts.


  1. stefanjo,
    I well remember May 1st / Pamplona 1968. Firstly, I was seriously impressed by the bravery of the Socialist/Communist students who chose to run across the Plaza del Castillos with a red flag, only to be tripped up, where the Guardia battered the faces of the girls and stamped on the genitals of the boys.

    Because I was there I had to go and take a look at the University where most of the students were penned in behind the wrought iron railings. Lucky I spoke enough Spanish or I would have been battered to death that day when a phalanx of Guardia came up to me – esta la vida.

    I contrast the bravery of not only the Spanish but all the mainland students in 68 and the cowardly student scum in the UK – many of them now dirty the House of Commons.

    It’s a shame that in Spain, a country that has hundreds of thousands of hunters all armed with powerful rifles that so many of them are Falangists.

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