A DECADE of court cases, appeals, claims and counter claims… Millions spent on lawyers and gathering evidence…And at the end, a disgraceful concrete monstrosity is allowed to stand on one of Andalucia’s last dozen genuinely virgin beaches!

Why was the decision put off for a month at the last minute? Suspicious? You bet.

If the Junta and State are really up for sharing costs to demolish this carbuncle they should move fast and pay the developer something from the millions of black money that has been syphoned off to places like Switzerland and the Cayman Islands over recent years.


  1. 1) It (building) looks quite nice.
    2) It was a corrupt scam from the start, and no, NoOne will EVER be held accountable.
    3) That beach and area is a boring lot of nothing, so stop saying its beautiful. A dessert is many things, but beautiful it isnt.
    4) Why the surprise…

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