WHEN the Olive Press launched nearly a decade ago a tweet was just the sound a bird makes and a ‘re-tweet’ was, well, nothing.

But this week we are celebrating passing the milestone of having 3,000 Twitter followers – not one of them a twit – as we continue to expand our online presence.

Nowadays a popular and important way to quickly share and connect to our readers, we are regularly tweeting, sometimes on the hour.

It is leaving us an eagle’s wing above our two main rivals in this rapidly developing field both with thousands less followers.

Meanwhile, website page views have reached an all time high, hitting the 300,000 per month mark for the first time in March. This is up 73,000 from February.

We are also beating all our main rivals in the Spanish website traffic rankings.

Twitter has become the perfect way to break the news our readers care about in the quickest way possible, so if you haven’t already, join us: @olivepress


  1. You are asking for trouble putting that here, your mates will be along shortly. I have noticed that many other online papers are not really online as they only give you half the story and say pay up if you want to read the rest, the the CDS / CB News etc. No point in reading them.

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