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The British School of Marbella’s got talent!

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Headmistress and the Olive Press columnist, Sian Kirkham takes a look at the school’s Talent Show and Green Week

FORGET Britain’s Got Talent – it was more a case of The British School of Marbella’s got Talent last month.

Yes it was that time of year again when our gifted youngsters took to the stage for the hotly anticipated BSM Talent Show.

It took months of preparation, endless rehearsals and vats of coffee – and that was just for the staff performances.

As usual hordes of paparazzi had to be held back at the school gates as the young stars were ushered into the building among a backdrop of screaming fans and the kind of hysteria usually reserved for One Direction.

Once inside the school hall there was standing room only as the excitement reached fever pitch and several flustered parents had to sit down and have a glass of water.

We were treated to mighty magic tricks, phenomenal football skills, dynamic dance acts and a gravity defying hula-hoop performance that had everyone teetering on the edge of their seats.

After much debate our panel of judges decided that Oscar from the Foundation Stage was the lower school’s winner, with his performance of ‘Happy’.

Other noteworthy acts included the Year One girls’ ‘Minion Dance’, which is rumoured to have inspired Marbella Town Hall’s ‘Marbella is Happy’ video last week (See p3 Happy Again).

However, it was the Year Four and Five boy band who raised the roof with their version of Bryan Adam’s ´Summer of 69´.

They were the overall winners and following their meteoric rise to fame, can now be seen nonchalantly signing autographs most lunchtimes.

Although word in the playground is that the band may split due to artistic differences, with some band members now contemplating a promising solo career ahead of next year’s Talent Show.

We also celebrated Go Green Week at BSM last month.

During the eco-inspired event our diligent pupils descended on Marbella’s beach one morning to pick up discarded litter.

Armed with plastic bags, gloves and steely-eyed determination, our pupils filled several bags during their sandy quest before returning triumphantly to school.

They also came up with a number of eco-friendly measures to help save the environment such as turning off the lights, monitoring plastic cup usage and using less paper in the classrooms.

Although a bid to save ‘endangered vegetables’ by taking them off the school menu was rejected by yours truly.

To watch a video of the Minion Dance visit www.facebook.com/britishschoolofmarbella

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