POLICE are hunting the Slovakian ex-girlfriend of millionaire Brit Andrew Bush in connection with his murder at his Estepona villa this weekend.

Mayka Marica Kukucová is believed to have fled the Cancelada area, where they had lived together for two years.

The murderer had allegedly lain in wait at Bristol gold-dealer Bush’s house for two days and then shot him twice in the head upon his return, accompanied by his new new British girlfriend.

Spanish police have confirmed they are searching for a blonde eastern European woman, thought to have be an ex-partner.

Bush, from Bristol, was murdered after returning to his rented 5-bedroom villa near Estepona, Malaga, Southern Spain, after a holiday with his new girlfriend.

The killer then drove away in his Hummer and his girlfriend phoned the police, having been barred from entering by the intruder when they first arrived back.

Kukucova, a model, is understood to have met Bush while studying at the BLC language school in Bristol.

Her Facebook profile lists her favourite television show as Prison Break. A string of photos show her posing in swimwear and lingerie and one appears to be for the international clothing chain H&M.

A neighbour has claimed the two of them moved into the villa together two years ago and that the new girlfriend has only been on the scene recently.

Kukucova was in Slovakia two weeks ago at a gym called Nikita Fitness. She lists her favourite films as Captain Philips and Dirty Dancing.

Mr Bush owned a string of jewellery stores and his main residence was in Bristol. His shop in Bristol’s Galleries shopping centre has been closed this weekend.

His sister is reported to be travelling to Spain.

The villa, called Mar Antika, is two minutes from the beach in a quiet residential street in Cancelada, between San Pedro and Estepona.

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