THE Spanish parliament has overwhelming rejected Catalunya’s bid to hold a referendum for independence.

The northeastern region was seeking permission to hold a referendum on November 9 this year.

But after a marathon seven hour debate, 299 members of parliament voted against the proposal, 47 supported the bid, and one abstained.

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy insisted before the vote: “As president of the government, I am and I will be everybody’s president.

“Catalunya should remain in Spain because I can’t think of Spain without Catalunya, nor of Catalunya outside Spain and outside Europe,” he added.

Rajoy repeated his argument that the Catalunyan referendum would be illegal, as under the Spanish constitution a referendum on sovereignty must be a national vote, rather than a regional one.

All the major parties, including the ruling conservative People’s Party, the main opposition group, the Socialists, and the Union for Progress and Democracy voted against the petition.

All three were determined to block the petition, and the outcome of the vote was never in doubt.

Catalan and Basque nationalist parties supported the vote, and Catalan authorities immediately announced that this was not the end.

Catalunya’s regional head of government, Artur Mas, said: “This is not a final full stop. It’s a new paragraph and from here, from this painful ‘no’, Catalunyan institutions will look for new legal frameworks, to allow for this November ballot to take place.”

If the Catalunyan authorities are successful, the sought-after bid would take place just two months after the Scottish vote on independence.


  1. George

    The borders of the states do not change based on tax reasons.

    With the advent of christianism, Roman temples were torn down or converted to churches. The best example is the Agrip´s Mausoleum. The Colosseum was a recreational building.

    It is a fact that Christianity comes from Judaism who is a patriarchal religion.

    I think that nobody must speak in terms of insulting any religion, but I´m against that any religion can be be used as a pretext for hurt people.

  2. Anselmo: Keep separate Church and State. Do not allow Church to interfere with State and do not allow State to interfere with Church. No religious “instruction” in State schools.
    No State religion.
    Religion to be a strictly private affair. The brain-washing to be undertaken by parents or Guardians by paying and supporting their own priests and ministers.
    An ancient culture such as Catalan deserves to assert its uniqueness and independence. The upstart Castillian masters, ought to listen to the calls.

  3. I share his claims about that religion should be absolutely separate from the state.

    But I think there is not a Catalan culture, I think it’s inappropriate to speak about Spanish culture, English culture,etc. I think the word “Culture” must be applied to certain areas of the planet, more extense than nations. So you can talk about Western culture, Mediterranean culture, etc..

    The Literary events, folklore and customs, etc.. are nothing but concrete ways in which the values ??of a culture, are applied to the material world in this case.

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