23 Apr, 2014 @ 16:34
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Report slams dangerous deterioration of Spanish roads


BUDGET cuts have left Spanish roads in the worst state of disrepair since records began in 1985, according to a shocking new report.

The report, by the Spanish Road Association (AEC), has warned that an immediate investment of €6.2 billion is needed to restore the roads to a safe condition.

The money is needed to repair damaged road surfaces, maintain signs and repaint road markings.

When presenting the report, Juan Francisco Lazcano, the president of Spain’s AEC, said: “Spanish roads are facing unprecedented deterioration and only a sudden change of tack in the 2015 budget can prevent a debacle.”

After analysing more than 3,000 sections of road across the country, the AEC concluded 330,000 road signs need replacing and road markings on 51,000 kilometres of road need repainting.

Published earlier this month, the report also claimed that 82% of road lighting needs reviewing.

The AEC has blamed the falling safety standards of Spain’s roads on national austerity measures and false economy cuts.

“€1 not invested in time means €5 need to be spent in three years, and €25 after five years,” said Lazcano.

“Turning this situation around requires an investment of €6.2 billion, of which 94% must go towards pavement repair.”

Imogen Calderwood

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  1. Highway maintenence is non-existent in Spain. “Malo Estado” is the most common roadsign that I see in Spain these days. Returning to Northern Europe on business recently I was struck by the amount of roadworks and general highway maintenence going on. Spain just doesn’t understand that if you leave the infrastructure to rot, it will end up costing more money to repair it in the future. Spain says it needs to create work and jobs for people, so why isn’t the work being created? Meanwhile they just wasted 280 million euros on a train line to nowhere. Spain is broken.

  2. Sadly the millions of euros which was allocated for roads in Spain was misused ( stolen ) by the then and now corrupt ruling parties . Spain is more than broken it is smashed into little pieces and the culprits still go unpunished in fact they are now more rampant and corrupt than ever as the realize there is very little left for them to steal.Why oh why are they not held accountable for there actions ? Why are they not in jail and there properties and bank accounts confiscated ? They have created a system in which they are untouchable and above the law. The only Judge who had the balls to put a banker in jail now finds that they are trying to ban him from practicing law for 40 years . The question is is Spain in Europe or in Africa ?
    The banks lost billions through greed and have been bailed out with a loan from Europe yet the debt is a public debt not a debt owed by the bank . WHY ?

  3. David,
    your comments, all true can be levelled at the UK as well. There is’nt much left to sell in the UK. The obsession with keeping the property market alive and moving upward, brainwashing the ordinary person to keep on buying means that we spend more than we have. This can only go on happening as long as there is something to sell to keep the Ponzi housing scam going.

    Once everything is sold, the pound will collapse, it’s simple economics and when the markets put the pound that’s it – game over, reality begins.

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