SPAIN’S sports minister has slammed the paltry €12,000 fine given to the Villarreal fan who threw a banana at Brazilian footballer Dani Alves as too lenient.

This comes as UEFA is demanding action be taken against racism in Spanish football, following two recent incidents involving fans in La Liga matches.

First Barcelona’s Dani Alves caused a widespread anti-racism campaign after picking up and eating a banana thrown at him.

Then Levante’s Senegalese midfielder Pape Diop was subjected to monkey chants by Atletico Madrid fans, which he responded to by dancing.

Sports minister Miguel Cardenal said about the fine: “We think it is a situation that demands a stronger penalty. We need to send a stronger message to the public.

“We must always have zero tolerance and fight against racism with all our powers.”

In an online poll, 81% of Olive Press readers agreed that Spain has a problem with racism.


  1. How many monkey chanters and banana throwers are national figures of stature in their countries? I grew up in a solidly supporting football community, and despite knowing little about the game, it’s obvious to ALL that to play for these massive premier clubs, you HAVE to be first class. Head and shoulders above their fellow men at what they do – others can only dream. How many guys are elitely skilled to be chosen to play for Europe’s top notch, crack teams? A heck of a dedicated journey to get there. Is it the absolute non-achievers who throw stuff and chant? (The player who ate the banana is clearly clued up. A banana is one of the world’s healthiest nutritional foods. Wonder he didn’t get a warning for an un-authorised rapid intake of vitamins during the match!).

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