POPULAR tourist destinations are ripping off holiday makers, charging up to 53% more for groceries than out of town shops.

The biggest disparity was on the Spanish island of Mallorca, where basic provisions for a one-week family holiday cost €106 in supermarkets but as much as €164 – 53% more – in resort shops.

But Spain’s Costa Blanca fared a lot better in the study, carried out by Post Office Travel Money and holiday company Cosmos.

This was one of the few destinations surveyed where resort prices were actually better value than supermarket ones.

Andrew Brown, of Post Office Travel Money, said: “Self-catering can be a great way to save money on holiday, but the wide price variations between resorts makes it important to do some homework before booking.

“Our research shows that well over half of families bust their holiday budget by hundreds of pounds and food shopping is one of the main reasons why.”


  1. Surely, much of the fun of going self-catering, is to get your provisions, at best, from a local market. At worst, from Mercadona or some such. Can’t understand people who skulk on their holiday ghetto. Might as well go full board in Benidoom.

  2. It’s not just food that can make holidays more expensive. Have you noticed that the toll roads almost double their prices during the holiday season, their excuse is that they reduce prices in the winter, yeh! believe that if you will.

  3. What a pile of nonsense who in there right mind goes to the corner shop in the uk to get a full weeks shop? The reason why not is its to expensive because small businesses have higher overheads per shop size etc. You go to tescos etc. So tell the dopey sods to catch a bus or taxi to a large supermarket like they would do in the uk and shop there and ust the “corner” shop for emergency purchases like they do at home ….pillocks.

  4. “Not a holiday for the missus” ? What’s wrong with rattling those pots and pans yourself ? I do AND I enjoy it. Cooking can be fun, especially with unfamiliar ingredients. Or would your manly macho world be shattered if cooking on anything other than the dreaded barbie ?

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