BONFIRES, fireworks and a splash of paganism make San Juan one of the most exciting Spanish fiestas.

Every major town or city in Spain holds a celebration on the midsummer night of June 23.

Crowds flock to the nearest beach to light massive bonfires and eat, drink and dance the night away.

The symbolism-loaded night, with its many Pagan and religious connotations, is also known as ‘the festival of fire’.

At midnight, revellers jump in the sea for a ritual cleansing. Traditionally, washing your face and feet three times will grant you three wishes and a happy year ahead.

One of the biggest parties is held on the beach between Estepona and Marbella, with sound systems blaring until sunrise. Sonora Beach and Heaven are always standout parties and Ocean Club is holding its own event with fire shows, celebrity DJs and dancers.

For a more family-friendly night, Sabinillas or Benalmadena have a feria atmosphere, with rides and entertainment.

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