RAZORLIGHT frontman Jonny Borrell has revealed he spent a good chunk of his youth wandering aimlessly around Spain, living off cheese, chorizo and Ducados.

The 33-year-old drew musical inspiration from his travels, going on to produce number one singles and headline the Reading festival in 2007 with Razorlight.

“I worked out you could get a chorizo and a piece of cheese for next to nothing from the food market and, with water, could keep going for ever on that,” said Borrell, who famously dated Harry Potter star Emma Watson in 2008.

“I also attempted to smoke as many cigarettes as the old Spanish men, but it can’t be done.

“I learnt, as every Englishman does, that Ducados are not like any other cigarette and they are 10 pesetas cheaper for a reason.”

Borrell’s father was a foreign correspondent, so the musician spent much of his childhood travelling and lived in Zimbabwe until the age of three.


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