MORE than 10,000 policeman, 600 civilians and 13,000 public works employees will be deployed on Spain’s roads this summer to help manage the enormous traffic increase.

The government has announced it is expecting holidaymakers to undertake a total of 79 million long distance journeys in July and August.

The special operation to oversee this extra summer traffic will focus on secondary roads, where the majority of fatal accidents occur – including 232 deaths in July and August last year.

Advertising campaigns warning of the dangers of drink and drug driving will accompany the increased road presence.

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  1. In my small village in Spain where i have a holiday home there is no taxi service and almost everyone apart from me drinks and drives. No wonder hundreds are dying in the summer as there are thouands of drunk drivers trying to navigate the dark back roads that are winding everywhere with steep drops all aroud them. The authorities turn a blind eye.

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