Thursday, April 2, 2020
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Italy’s coronavirus death count overtakes China’s with 3,405 fatalities

ITALY has recorded more coronavirus deaths than China and is the country with the most fatalities worldwide.

Spanish doctors suggest the death count nationwide could reach 86,000, if strict measures are not followed

ICU doctors in Spain have suggested that there could be up to 86,000 deaths in the country, if strict measures are not followed.

Coronavirus deaths in Spain spike by 70% over the weekend

CORONAVIRUS deaths have spiked in Spain over the weekend.

Missing worker found dead as death toll reaches two following massive explosion at petrochemical plant in Spain’s Tarragona

A WORKER who went missing after a massive explosion at a petrochemical plant in Spain's Tarragona has been found dead this morning.

Spain recorded highest number of young British deaths than any other holiday destination in the world last year

MORE Brits under 40 were killed in Spain than anywhere else in the world last year.  An investigation by The Sun revealed that 49 Brits...

200 drowning deaths in Spain so far this year

More than 200 people have drowned in Spain this year so far

Spain’s smoking sadness

SMOKING is the number one killer in Spain, killing more than AIDS, alcohol, illegal drugs and traffic accidents collectively. A report on premature mortality lead...

Spanish roads get protection boost for July and August

More than 10,000 policeman, 600 civilians and 13,000 public works employees will be deployed on Spain’s roads this summer to help manage the enormous traffic increase

Spain sees dramatic rise in dementia deaths

The country's aging population sparks a rise in Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative diseases

Six die and five injured in Spanish rural hotel fire

Three adults aged between 35 to 59 and three young boys aged from four to six were killed following the blaze. It is thought they died from smoke inhalation