A scorching Costa Blanca summer brought an almost three-fold rise in deaths caused by high temperatures.

Madrid’s Carlos III Health Institute says that 238 people died due to heat-related issues between May and September in Alicante Province, compared to 84 fatalities last year.

It’s the highest figure in five years with 127 women and 111 men affected.

71% of heat-related deaths came in the 85 years and above age bracket.

Statistics from the MoMo monitoring system show seven people dying in May; 14 in June; 69 in July; 123 in August; and 25 in September.

A large proportion of the older fatalities suffered a loss in consciousness, dehydration and heat stroke.

The higher temperatures also aggravated existing conditions like hypertension, diabetes, and heart issues.

Doctors say drinking plenty of water and staying in the shade is vital to avoid problems during extreme heat conditions.


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