SPAIN summoned the UK’s ambassador on Friday, 18 July over Britain’s handling of an incident near the Gibraltar coastline.

The Spanish government did not react kindly to Britain’s earlier summoning of their UK ambassador after a Spanish navy ship redirected two British vessels heading to and from Gibraltar’s port.

While the Spanish government maintains that the ships were in Spanish waters, Britain claims that they were not, arguing that the ships were sailing through definitively international waters.

The Spanish Foreign Ministry was enraged by the summoning, explaining that such an action was reserved only for very grave situations.

Since the current Spanish government took office in 2011, the Spanish ambassador has been summoned five times over disputes in Gibraltar.


  1. If you want the Daily Mail on the same issue, laugh again


    If you wish the entire report of the EU’s ‘Fraud Office on the money laundering and the tobacco smuggling in Gibraltar, it has 400 pages.

  2. Olisipo and his type who come on cut and pasting pieces of “evidence” need only remember one thing. The will of the people. Gibraltar residents and nationals wish to be British and remain with the UK and Commonwealth.
    What Spain wants is immaterial. Any right-thinking person anywhere in the world should accept that the wishes of the people overtake any piece of paper.
    Unfortunately it seems that so brainwashed and gingoistic the Spanish jave become that even basic human rights (freedom of movement etc.) don’t matter to them.
    Instead of just typing the same rubbish why don’t you try taking the place by force again? Or come demonstrate in La Linea and see how many of your compatriots agree with you?
    Easy to be an internet warrior but the thought of joining your forfathers under the runway or in the Bay of Gibraltar seems to be a bit too much?

  3. Tell it to the OLAF investigators. According to them, organized crime is behind the upsurge of tobacco imports in the last few years.

    Do you know how Gibraltar calculates the number of tourists? It is simply ridiculous.

    And, please, don’t forget the part of the OLAF report about money laundering. Do you know that there are about 20.000 off-shore firms involved in that activity in this tiny town?

  4. Aha Olispo, there we have it, The Spanish want their corrupt mits around the little cells of money making activities they think are happening in Gibraltar, so more dirt money can end up in Rajoy’s brown paper bags. Great idea sunshine.

  5. @olisipo
    There is no more money laundering here in Gibraltar than anywhere else. Having worked in the financial industry here for over 25 years I can tell you that as fact. What does go on here is legal and legitimate. Just because another country i.e. Spain doesn’t like the fact that a person can legally set up a trust to protect its assets from the Spanish tax man. It also doesn’t like that it’s bullying tactics aren’t working and Gibraltar whilst suffering is suffering less than the Spanish themselves.

    Tobacco smuggling from here is perpetrated in the most by Spaniards and increasingly other Europeans desperate for money. Granted they may then sell them to organised crime bodies of Spaniards. The ball is in Spain’s court to stop them yet they choose not to do so. Why? Because it feeds money into the coffers of the Guardia and Local police forces who have also seen a lowering of their incomes due to family members becoming unemployed.
    Quoting OLAF and saying we must be money-laundering because we have 20,000 companies in a small “island” proves nothing. It is like most of what you say just the party line. In actual fact your 20,000 is way off. Multiply that by 5 or even 10 legitimately set up and operated companies.

  6. @ Bluemoongib

    a) As for the money laundering, tell that to the OLAF investigators and to Mr Picardo who in an interview published today in the Spanish paper El Economista admits that the OLAF report “identifies companies and individuals” in the Rock and that it is “partly based on data provided by the authorities in Gibraltar”. By the way in a statement by 6 Convent Place, you can read that there are “15.676 active companies registered in Gibraltar” which I have never described as an “island”.

    b) Your reasoning about the smuggling reminds what the drug peddlars use to say: “Somebody has to do it”.

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