HOLIDAY-MAKERS have been making a splash in Fuengirola after three new inflatable water parks were opened.

The parks, open from 11am to 8pm, cover 800 metres squared of water each.

The only other town in Malaga province to boast floating water parks is Marbella.

Each platform has a lifeguard to ensure swimmer’s safety, and everyone is made to wear a life jacket at all times.

The parks, which have brought 20 jobs to the area, are managed by the company Marbella Water Games SL.



  1. I was on the beach in Carvajal, Fuengirola last weekend with my kids just a bit down from this water park. I am not a fan of the beach, well the man made beaches of Fuengirola I should say but was there visiting with some friends and was quite surprised how quiet the water park was. The sea however was so dirt with raw sewage it wasn’t a surprise

  2. Alas the Costa del Sol beaches are very polluted and the sand on many is like builders sand. I never could see the attraction of these beaches; it seems people are just not aware how unclean many of them are. Many beaches award themselves meaningless awards like “Q quality” etc. The blue flags were removed from many CDS beaches this year primarily because of sewage discharges. Better beaches can be found along the Costa Tropical in my opinion.

  3. Had Mark, not mentioned Carvajal, I would have said that the article is almost useless. Great to know that there is such a park, but useless if I don’t know where it is. Thank you Mark, and sorry to hear that you report the water quality is poor. Does anyone know the ratio of “children pissing” in swimming pools (piss / water) ratio in a community swimming pool to (sewage pumped into sea / sea water) ratio. It would an interesting calculation. If it wasn’t for the heavy chlorination and acid in these communal swimming pools, I would bet that they would contain more piss per cubic meter. :-) However that’s not a justification for the sewer in the sea in Costa del Sol.

  4. ‘pissing piss piss piss snot’

    Really classy posting allowed on here???!!!

    Talk about the uk’s similar problems!! Surfers Against Sewage etc

    Looks like a great thing these inflatable areas for kids.

    Let’s hope they clean up the beaches more too as well – maybe even to the high standard the uk has?

    Sewage is a worldwide problem.

  5. @Derek
    The UK doesn’t have the the beach tourism that the Costa Del Sol has and yes I admit it is a problem all over Europe yet when there is a blue flag flying over a beach yet that is actually s**t floating in the sea along with tampons and condoms it is a huge problem and problem not being addressed. I have friends here at the moment from Ireland and they have been horrified by raw sewage which has been same for all the years I have lived here, the say it’s the same in Ireland but Ireland doesn’t depend on it’s beaches

  6. Why bring the UK into it Derek? This article is about Spanish water parks and the descriptive words are good old Anglo Saxon ones. What is there to object to? Or do you really believe you are frolicking in pristine water in these places?

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