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Taste of summer from top restaurants

P Diego the Waiter with Tandoori Chicken and Chargrilled Vegetables e

WHEN the sun’s out, there’s nothing quite like firing up the bbq, whipping up a fresh salad or two and inviting friends and family over for some delicious food.

From a refreshing Greek treat  to a triple threat of killer barbecued chicken, here the Olive Press provides some simple summer dishes that are bound to impress. With chicken, be careful that it is thoroughly cooked and the juices run clear. And it goes without saying, remember safety around barbecues!


Chicken with lemon,  za´atar and tahini, from the Garden Restaurant, Frigiliana

Marinade four chicken thighs in ¼ diced preserved lemon, two teaspoons of Za’atar and a glug of olive oil,  for at least four hours.

For the tahini sauce whisk 200ml tahini, 200ml water, 75ml lemon juice and a pinch of salt in a bowl until it has the consistency of  pouring cream.

Grill chicken skin side down until crispy, then flip and finish the other side. Boned chicken thighs are great on the BBQ as they stay juicy and cook fairly quickly, but be sure to cook it all the way through!


Tandoori chicken, from the Molino del Santo, Benajoan (pic of Diego waiter with dish)

Mix 600g natural yoghurt and 150g melted butter with 6 lemons (juice and peel), 6 tsps cayenne pepper and garam masala, 3 tsps pimento, coriander and cumin, plus 6 crushed garlic cloves and some chopped fresh coriander and salt. Marinade 6 chicken breasts or kebabs for several hours.

Get the BBQ really hot, then let it die down a bit. Put the marinated chicken breast on and let them seal on each side. We serve them with a selection of chargrilled vegetables and couscous.


Best chicken breast, from Kontiki, Guadalhorce valley
Make two cuts on a chicken breast, squeeze lemon over it and rub in salt. Next rub crushed garlic and ginger into the meat, along with ½ a teaspoon of oil. Finally, rub 2 spoons of natural yoghurt into the meat with a sprinkle of garam masala and leave for 30 minutes in the fridge. Grill it on a BBQ for 8 minutes each side, and then tuck in!


Tzatziki, from Yamas, Marbella

Place Greek yoghurt in a bowl with a shredded cucumber (use a grater) and some of the water squeezed from it. Add 2-3 crushed garlic cloves, salt, olive oil and, finally, fresh lemon juice and dill. Mix well but don’t overdo it, and make sure it’s dense and creamy. Serve with grilled meat, slices of tomato and onion and pita bread!


BBQ Banana with chocolate, ice cream, peanut butter creme and miel de caña, from the Garden restaurant

First line a tin with clingfilm. The bring 600ml of milk to the boil and simmer with a scraped vanilla pod. Whisk 4 large egg yolks with 125g sugar, then add 30g each of cornstarch and flour to form a paste. Add a cup of the hot milk, stirring continuously, then put the pan back onto the heat and when it boils again add the rest to the egg mixture. Whisk vigorously to stop the mixture sticking to the pan. Once it is thick and glossy, turn into the tin lined with clingfilm and cool in the fridge. Then transfer to a bowl and whisk in 150g of peanut butter.

Make a slit down the centre of a banana and fill with chocolate, cook for 5 minutes until soft. Serve with ice cream, peanut butter creme and miel de cana.

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