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ISIS spells out historic plan to retake Andalucia

Isis flag waver Mosul  e

A MILITANT force growing in the east is threatening to take over the western world.

The violent jihadist terrorist group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or Isis – publicly disavowed even by al-Qaeda for being too extreme – has now set its sights on Spain.

Two young Isis extremists appeared in a YouTube video last month vowing to liberate al-Andalus, the ‘land of our forefathers’.

By al-Andalus, the men are referring to the region we call ‘home’ – Moorish Andalucia as it was during 700 years of Islamic rule – and which Isis claims is rightfully theirs.

In the minute-long video, a smiling jihadist wearing a kefiah scarf around his head asserts in Spanish, with a heavy North African accent: “I say to the entire world as a warning: we are living under the Islamic banner, the Islamic caliphate. “We will die for it until we open those occupied lands from Jakarta to Andalucia.

“And I say: Spain is the land of our ancestors and we will open it with the power of Allah.”

Last month, Isis formally declared an Islamic state in the vast expanses of the Middle East that have fallen under its control. It extends from the Syrian city of Aleppo to Diyala province in eastern Iraq.

When announcing the caliphate – an Islamic state ruled over by a Caliph – the militants refer to the state as ‘restored’, reinforcing the conviction that this is land that is rightfully theirs.

The self-appointed Caliph of this new Muslim state is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the driving force behind the Isis takeover.

Al-Baghdadi – who has a $10 million US bounty on his head, and rules under the name Caliph Ibrahim – is a mystery figure. He is believed to have been born in Samarra, north of Baghdad, in 1971, and joined the insurgency that erupted in Iraq soon after the 2003 US-led invasion.

For seven years he went underground, only reappearing as the leader of Isis in 2010 when it was still an al-Qaeda affiliate, based in Iraq.

His stature has grown exponentially since then, transforming his umbrella organisation into a trans-national military force.

The establishment of this Islamic state has been hailed as the ‘most significant development in international jihadism since 9/11’ by analyst Charles Lister, a visiting fellow at the Brookings Institution.

In a terrifying combination of radical religious fervour and political legitimacy, the state is well-organised and ruthlessly efficient. It runs courts, schools and services – it has even started a consumer protection authority for food standards in Raqqa – all flying the black and white flag of the jihadists.

But Isis doesn’t plan to stop there.

Isis has released a map on Twitter (pictured, right) showing the countries it plans to occupy within the next five years.

It spans from Morocco – renamed Maghreb – to the borders of China.

India and parts of China combine to form a region called Khurasan; the Balkan states, including Greece, Romania and Bulgaria, become Orobpa; Yemen and Oman form Yaman.
Spain is clearly singled out as being a key European target.

Part of a marketing push to entice supporters, other campaign tactics include the release of images of nine men, crucified for ‘not being extremist enough in their commitment to so-called jihad’, along with many beheadings and amputations of militants and civilians alike.

But the most unlikely ‘victim’ of this Isis announcement could be al-Qaeda, which has carried the mantle of the jihadi cause since the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center.

Isis was born of al-Qaeda but the father figure has been forced aside by its rebellious offspring.

The leaders of the two militant groups have clashed publicly since Isis emerged as an independent force in April last year.

Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, realising he was losing control of the Isis branch of his group, demanded that Isis return to Iraq and leave Syria to the al-Nusra Front, another jihadist group in Syria.

But Isis publicly rebelled, and al-Zawahiri was forced to formally disavow the group in February.

“Isis now presents itself as an ideologically superior alternative to al-Qaeda within the jihadi community, and it has publicly challenged the legitimacy of al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri,” says Charles Lister.

“Taken globally, the younger generation of the jihadist community is becoming more and more supportive of Isis, largely out of fealty to its slick and proven capacity for attaining rapid results through brutality.”

As a battlefield commander and tactician, al-Baghdadi is infinitely more appealing to the emerging extremist generation than the Islamic theologian al-Zawahiri.

Initially a Sunni group, Isis has transformed into the go-to destination for extremists of any views, with a number of Shi’ites now joining the ranks.

More than 20,000 fighters have reportedly now declared loyalty to the Isis cause. And, with considerable military success, the group is surpassing al-Qaeda as the world’s most dangerous jihadist group.

Most importantly, the Islamic State has now achieved what al-Qaeda never could, establishing a state that stakes their claim to the heart of the Arab world and controlling it.

But it is the presence of foreign fighters – from countries like the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Cambodia and Australia – that has most significantly unsettled the west.

In Madrid in June, eight jihadist recruiters were arrested, and 12 others suspected of terrorist activity.

A further eight were arrested in Ceuta while other collaborators were traced to Huelva, Malaga and La Linea.

All were suspected of funding, indoctrinating and facilitating travel for would-be fighters, and all are Spanish citizens.

But the Isis claim to the land of al-Andalus is rooted in history. In the militant’s eyes, our land is their land.

Imogen Calderwood

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  1. I in no way, encourage or agree with ISIS. Although they do have a point, no? …. I fear Spain is going to have a uncertain future. What with independence in most part of Spain and now ISIS…..

    Gibraltar say what? I wander what that idiot Margallos thoughts are?

  2. Please remember the etymology of the phrase
    ” Se armo lo de Dios es Cristo”………..
    meaning “All hell broke loose”, between Christians and Muslims.
    I know which side I will be on……..that of the Crusaders! King Juan Carlos, in a moving speech in Thessalonika,Greece,a few years back, apologised to the Spanish Jews who had been expelled from Spain in 1492 and settled there. Back in Madrid, he was asked by a journalist why he had never apologised to the Muslims, expelled from Spain at the same time. His Majesty replied “Because the Jews never invaded Spain…..”
    Muslims invaded Spain in 711 from present-day Morocco and it looks as if some of their extremists would like to repeat the experience.
    Dios nos libre ! Viva Santiago Matamoros !

  3. When the foul smelling Crusaders finally stormed into Jerusalem they butchered not only Muslim men, women and children but all the Jews and here is where it gets really sick – all the Christians as well.

    Under the Caliphate of Cordoba a Concorde was made between Muslims, Jews and Christians that they would never kill each other again – then the Aryan savages over ran the Caliphate and began the murder of Jews and Muslims.

    Remember who deliberately burned down the irreplaceable Libraries in Constantinople – the Tuetonic (early special section SS) knights because – they wanted paying to fight for their sky pixie who is wrongly named Jesus. Does any Christian have any idea what this sky pixie should have been called? – thought not.

    When these Christian savages entered Granada their first action was to bring out every manuscript from the University and burn them, all 10 tons.

    Plague was normal every summer in Christian Europe because they were so filthy in all their habits.

    It was the stupid Christians that cut down all the forests and never replanted them.

    The rulers of Al Andaluz never tolerated the fanatic Muslims who always seemed to come from Damascus – they had them killed.

    Al Andaluz was centuries ahead of the Aryan savages and enlightened in so many disciplines – the real reason for the Christian onslaught against Islam was jealousy pure and simple.

    If you could travel back in time and enter a room full of the Knights of Islam you would encounter cultured scented men. Enter a room full of |Christian knights and you would immediately throw up.

    So Anthony Weaver you would have liked to take part in the slaughter in Jerusalem and helped to burn down the Libraries in Constantinople and what a shame you could’nt be a part of the Inquisition as well.

    Christians have been attacking Islam for centuries – look at what you have created – happy in your work?

  4. The great Caliph of ISIS will be proud of you Mr.Crawford…
    Stick with it and he might eventually make you a Grand Vizier of the revived Al-Andalus…
    get your turban and curly slippers ready…..
    you probably already have a vomit-inducing beard………

    Allah U Akbar !

    P.S. Not yet circumcised here yet, I’m afraid….. Sorry !
    and no, Mr.Crawford, your surgical services are not required

  5. Thanks for the HISTORY lesson Stuart Crawford. NOW it’s Muslim extremists who are doing despicable things to those who do not agree with their sick ideology.

  6. Anthony Weaver,

    You Christians created ISIS – you never rebutted that, you just resorted to stupid bigoted comments once again.

    Do try to answer some of the historically correct statements I made or shut up.

  7. With friends of barbaric Islam like Crawford within what chance do the rest of us stand? Never mind ISIS will sort him out.

    You can easily work out what history books Crawford has read…..Utterly wrong on all accounts [4 crusades not counting the Spanish one].

    Perhaps start again and read some FACTUAL stuff, than maybe the Quran and Hadiths and perhaps the early life of the thug/paedophile Mohammed.


  8. The problem Crawford is that your “Historically Correct Statements” are not Historically Correct…….

    Rather they are the oft trotted-out, age-old Islamic propaganda issues quoted by the Islamic apologist, ever the victim Muslims and newly embraced. Move into the modern World……

    What’s their [Islamists] beef with, Nigeria, Philippines, India, Sudan and the dozens of other places with a non-crusader past? What’s their problem with their own? What’s their problem with women, gays, Jews, Hindu, Buddhist…in fact EVERY other religion. Amputation, stoning, beheading, crusifiction, Female Genital Mutilation, Child Marriage. Yes the list is almost endless.


  9. Reap,
    looking forward without knowing the truth about the past will achieve nothing, in fact it is’nt looking forward at all it’s just a clear demonstration of denial syndrome.

    It was the white Europeans guilt and contempt for the Palestinians that has created the horror of what is undoubtedly a racist Israel. It was the complete disregard for what the Bosnians suffered at the hands of the vicious murdering Christian Serbs – remember Srebenica.

    Do you have any idea about how twisted and fanatical and racist the American ‘Christians’ are – they want Armegeddon, they call human beings ‘ragheads’ – they want to enter the Rapture – pure mental sickness – hey but they are white so that’s alright.

    Young Muslims looked at this Christian brutality and the could’nt care less attitude of the west but ISIS did’nt really begin there either.

    In 1959 the Iranians elected a Socialist government which promised to keep the oil wealth for the Iranian people, the Seven Sisters (ever heard of them) told their respective governments that they could’nt rip off the Iranians unless this government was removed by a coup. This coup was organised by MI6 and the CIA, they put in the despicable Shah who preceded to murder his people with his secret police. He squandered vast amounts of money on himself and his cronies.

    Had the Iranian people been left alone there would have been no ayatollahs at all but a modern society with a liberal Muslim outlook, not to mention no persecution of minorities and yes I knew many Iranians in the 70s’, who explained what wass goiung to happen when the Shah was kicked out.

    The west – Britain/USA/France and Germany armed Saddam Hussein to the teeth and were very happy that Iraquis and Iranians were killing each other.

    These are just some of the reasons that well educated young Muslims have become radicalised, they see clearly that so many white westerners still have the same vicious Crusader mentality – that’s why they call you Crusaders.

    Not one of you white Europeans is prepared to admit that there are valid reasons why terror organisations like ISIS came into existence.

    Nowhere have I said or intimated that I support ISIS – your like Catholic fanatics looking for a reason to burn human beings at the stake – because their not Catholics.

    The slaughter carried by the USA and abetted by their little poodle Britain in Iraq, the torture of prisoners, the cold blooded murder of Iraqui wounded in Fellujah, The premeditated gang rape of a 14 year old girl by white Christian soldiers who only got 8 years – out after 4 and applauded in their communities on their return – non of this means a damn to racists like you but it does to young Muslims.

    The little Palestinian girl whose mother and sister were blown to pieces has said that she wants to grow up so she can kill those who committed the murders – if she is’nt crippled for life.

    Syria and Iraq were created by English public schoolboys after WW1,who deliberately put minority tribes in control and artificially create those two countries from completely disparate tribes and groups.

    It is denialists like you that created ISIS and Boku Harim but your too cowardly to admit it.

    Yes ISIS must be destroyed but will your bigoted attitudes change, no of course not so other ISIS type groups will be formed.

    You were all brainwashed at school and university into believing how wonderful the Empire was and you hav’nt had the guts to deprogramme yourselves.

    Soon China and India will be calling the shots and your standard of living is going to fall. The problem is that both these countries have large well equipped armies as does Russia and they all have nuclear weapons so the Americans and their poodle can do nothing – never forget the only country to use nuclear weapons (when it did’nt have to) were those god fearing American Christians – perhaps the biggest terrorist action this world has ever seen – any condemnation – no I thought not.

    Perhaps you’ve bought into the b/s that Russia is responsible for the downing of the Malaysian airliner when all the info points to Kiev. I’m sure you support all the sanctions which the Americans want to introduce but hey what about the merciless bombing of Palestinian Muslims in Gaza – anyone for sanctions against Israel, no, Muslim lives are worth nothing – it’s this disgusting white racist attitude that created ISIS.

    Al-Andaluz was a great civilisation and Islam was the most forward looking of all societies way ahead of the white savages to the north. It was destroyed by savages and those savages are still here and still in denial – so nothing will change.

  10. With open borders in North African countries even between what we thought were moderate countries like Tunisia and Morocco, the spread of radical groups was always going to grow as it is now. These borders are huge and largely unprotected.

    I knew people who’d invested in Morocco and said some while ago it would only take one attack on a golf or villa/apartment development there to affect that overseas property market badly, the people we knew sold up and bought in the UK.

    I cannot believe for one moment IS or any similar group being able to take over Andalucia despite Moorish history etc, but it would not be impossible for radical Islamists to commit random acts of sabotage anywhere in Spain being so close to North Africa. They can and have done this elsewhere in London, Madrid, and other cities irrespective of Crusader connections.

  11. So now we know……. Crawford, a covert Islamist Fundamentalist who is in full support of the savages who call themselves ISIS…….Waiting the re-occupation while enjoying the fruits in a land and society he so despises.

    Why not join your “Brothers”…….thought not!


  12. Any support for ISIS or any other islamic extremist group is dangerously misplaced loyalty that will inevitably backfire on said sympathiser. These groups do not respect the views of non-muslims, it is either their way or no way at all, you cannot negotiate with them. In Iraq, christians have been given a choice, convert to islam or die.

    If in doubt, ask yourself this: what is the ISIS/islamic extremist policy on gay rights/same sex marriage, sexual equality, abortion and female education? Are they pro-choice? Do they respect people who hold a different set of values to their own? I mention these issues as they are much discussed topics on the OP which people clearly value.

  13. Rather them than the Spanish sometimes……..

    Gibraltar what??

    In all honesty. All kinds of extremists must be stopped, along with (some) fascist, anti democratic spanish in this country. Sadly they are the ones in power.

    They will look back at us in many years to come and laugh about this religion mess.

  14. Fab

    Obviously Catalonia, a country to which I appreciate, is part of Spain, as well as happen to any other spanish region. It is clear that Gibraltar not belongs to Spain, because it is a domain of the Queen of England.

    I Do not understand how any one can mix Catalonia with Gibraltar. It is impossible to do this because there are profound differences: geographical, historical, political, cultural, economic, …..

  15. The discussion fab was about the ISIS designs and aims for Spain, which is an echo of the other barbarian offshoot Al-Qaeda…they called its loss “The Andalusia Tragedy”.

    Of course the Islamist Cheery-Pick history by starting the argument from their time in Spain, conveniently ignoring the fact that they invaded Spain [more than once].

    The apologist will never change there view, but the myth of the so called golden age is slowly falling apart…… They brought with them stolen knowledge, engaged in endless squabbling and failed treaties. Beaten back by the Franks etc etc.

    The Moors/Arabs were expelled from Spain and returned to North Africa [where their counterparts had successfully turned it into a the backward wasteland it still is]. If the Golden Age was so great and they were so clever and advanced what the hell happened next!!…….and you can’t blame the Americans.


  16. Errrmmmmm just one thought, the Iberian Peninsula/Hispania was conquered by the Visigoths – Arians – from Germanic tribes much earlier, from the 5th to the early 8th century – Christianity only took a hold first in the Visigoth kingdom of Toledo – and that’s when all hell broke loose. To say that religion fanaticism, from whichever quarter, has always been at the root of all conflict would be stating the obvious, but there is also a small detail which may have been the real key.
    The Umayyad conquest apparently came at the behest of an Iberian nobleman to his good friend Tariq ibn Ziyad (the same one that gave the name to Gibraltar) father of an outraged daughter by Visigoth king Roderic in 711AD, who sought reparation and revenge for his daughter’s dishonour.
    So coming to think of it, it wasn’t so much religion that prompted the invasion. If only Roderic had kept his zipper up and the Iberian nobleman kept his daughter locked up in a tower, she did not wear a bhurka because she was not Muslim, we would not now be facing the ire of IS.
    Now who were the Original Iberians? Certainly not Muslims. Mrs. Merkel would have more of a claim to it or even Mr Renzi, if you take into consideration the Roman Conquest. Someone tell IS to Google it!!

  17. Reading the comments from Stuart is enough to make you vomit blood.

    Like many, he is completely drunk on the kooky “Kool-Aid” of secular revisionist history. None of which bears up to the actual historical record. A view mainly propagated by the self-serving anti-Christian progressive left. Designed to prop up socialist politicians around Europe, by pandering to the growing Muslim political vote and influence.

    The only saving grace for these suicidal scumbags, is that if their dangerous dreams of an Islamic Caliphate are somehow realized, suddenly useless fools like Stewart will be the first to be crucified and beheaded by their so called “tolerant” Muslim pals.

    Just exactly as it was before, is today, and as it has been demonstrated consistently over the last 1400 years.

    – This comment was edited due to obscene language –

  18. Ignorance is truly bliss. ISIS and Spain can fight over Al Andalus all they want. The Moors were black Africans from North Africa, West Africa, and Afri-Arabia who built Spain. The Ummayad Caliphate governed Al Andalus. No Mongolians, Turks, or Iranians have ever ruled as far as Spain. Seljuk-Mamluk-Ottomans, None those Empires. So I don’t know why |ISIS| feels as if Al Andalus belongs to them when those were not there Ancestors.

    However, The Moors ruled in Spain much Longer than the Visigoths. Germanic Visigoths invaded the peninsula between 100 and 300 A.D. They were savage and the Moors did invade but were welcomed by the people with opened arms. The Moors built Al Andalus and it was the most prestigious city in Europe with over 1 Million citizens. Christians and Jews were even allowed to flourish. The Moors were in their Golden Ages 711-1492… and are the only reason Christopher Columbus learned the world was in fact “round.”

    The fall of Al Andalus preceded the fall of Timbuktu and caused Aryan Wealth, New World Discovery, Trans Atlantic Slave, etc. If Aryans, Turks, and Mongolians blow each other off of the Map arguing over who was anywhere first, it’s ridiculously funny and that’d be nice. Romans stole Christianity from Africa. Turks, Mongols, and Aryans who are truly not the original Arab, Stole Islam and Arabia from Africa, and Aryan Turks called Khazars Stole Judaism from Africa. So I find it peculiar how you all are fighting over things you stole in the first place, Lands and Religions.

  19. Old re-hashed “facts”…..and no they were not “Black” but mostly Berbers from the Riff region who were lead by very few Arabs.

    Depends mostly on who writes the history…..I suspect the Jews would have a very different take on the tolerance myth.

    If it was such a great culture and brought so much wealth and knowledge what the hell happened when they returned home!


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