INTERNET cartoonists in the Canary Islands have been fined €35,000 for sketches poking fun at an an ex-public prosecutor’s involvement with an illegal urbanisation.

The website El Agitador mocked Miguel Pallares, who owns an illegally-placed and illegally-sized house in an urbanisation in Lanzarote.

The 53-property urbanisation not only contains 23 more houses than originally agreed, but also expands outside of its rightfully-owned land onto protected lands.

Furthermore, many properties were built at more than twice the 96 square metre limit.

PP President of the Interior Astrid Perez also owns a property in the urbanisation, but avoided a mention in the cartoon.

The project was halted in 2003, but it has still not been brought before a judge.

The first cartoon, published in 2008, called Pallares Miguel Callare (Spanish for ‘I will shut up’).

The second, in 2011, depicted Pallares as a Spanish comedian, and implied that he would personally destroy his own house.

Pallares had initially demanded €87,000 compensation for the two cartoons.

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