EBOLA protocols have been activated at Malaga’s regional hospital following a potential outbreak of the deadly virus.

Hospital Carlos Haya are keeping a 40-year-old Nigerian man in protective isolation amid fears that he contracted Ebola on a recent visit to his home country. 

The man presented himself at the hospital on Sunday morning and was immediately put into isolation after displaying fever-like symptoms.

Samples were forwarded to the national reference laboratory to determine if the patient has contracted the virus and results are expected today.

Aside from a high fever, the patient did not show any other recognisable symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and bleeding.

The man reportedly travels the world as a Nigerian sales representative and lives in Antequera with his Spanish wife and two kids.

The Andalucian Regional Ministry of Equality, Health and Social Policy recommends anyone suspected of being affected by the Ebola virus should avoid direct contact with other people and call the emergency health services on 061.


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