FOOD and national identity go hand in hand in the Mediterranean and Gibraltar is no exception.

The Rock is a true melting pot of cultures – as are the locals’ plates.

The unique local cuisine is influenced by British, Spanish, Genoese and Maltese cultures, to name a few, culinary favourites constantly evolving to reflect the different waves of migrants.

The product of this cultural mish-mash is a variety of dishes particular to Gibraltar, many known as colloquially as ‘llanito’ (Gibraltarian).

One tasty favourite is Calentita, an oven-baked, pancake-like dish made with chickpea flour. Another is Rosto, a pasta dish consisting of carrots, penne pasta and meat in a tomato and white wine sauce.

Torta de Acelga is also a key feature of any classic Gibraltarian menu, which is a chard or spinach pie, along with Menestra de Verduras, a stew of blended vegetables mixed with thick spaghetti.

All of these – like true Great British dishes – are comforting, hearty and full of flavour.

Despite the limited agriculture opportunities on the Rock, indigenous crops include prickly pears, wild asparagus, pine nuts and figs.

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