CATALAN separatists are flocking to Scotland to cheer on the ‘Yes’ camp, as the region looks ahead to its own referendum.

Hundreds of independence supporters are said to have flown over to help campaign for Alex Salmond.

However their fervour – and those of separatists in Scotland – has been dampened by a series of negative business reports should succession go ahead.

Banks and businesses, including John Lewis, Waitrose and Next, have warned that prices will increase in Scotland with independence, boosting the ‘No’ campaign.

John Lewis Partnership chairman Sir Charlie Mayfield said: “It does cost more money to trade in parts of Scotland and therefore those hard costs, in the event of a ‘Yes’ vote, are more likely to be passed on.”

In further bad news, bosses at the Royal Bank of Scotland confirmed the bank would decamp to London, following hot on the heels of Lloyds Bank, also planning a move south of the border.

Catalunya – like Scotland – believes it is being ‘short-changed’ by its central government and would be more financially successful apart.

More than 1.8 million Catalans filled the streets of Barcelona for the region’s National Day celebrations on September 11, demanding the chance to hold their own independence referendum.

Red and yellow-clad crowds filled the streets of the region’s capital to form a giant ‘V’ stretching more than 11km, standing for votar (vote) and victoria (victory).

If the Scottish result is ‘Yes’, Catalunya will be watching the Caledonian economy very closely indeed.


  1. @stefanjo The Scots aren’t oppressed, they are pampered by the rest of the British tax payers, the Catalan’s may feel that they contribute more to Spain than they get back but it does not apply to the Scots despite what Salmond says.

  2. Fantastic result for the UK in the end!

    Now the most exciting one……November!!!!!!

    Democracy will win in the end…….it can only be blocked for so long. The people are the power, vote will happen in the end!

    Rule Democracy !

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