THE Olive Press drink-spiking awareness campaign will be in the spotlight this afternoon, on the radio station MiMarbella.

The ‘Smash the Spiking’ campaign, launched at the end of July, has three aims: more statistics, better policing and clearer advice.

The campaign – which has also featured in the UK’s Guardian newspaper – was launched in response to the shocking absence of official records of reports of the crime, as discovered by an Olive Press investigation.

Drink-spiking is a serious crime, but it is not taken seriously. Cynics claim that it is merely an urban myth, or scaremongering to stop people enjoying their night out, while others claim it is just an excuse to cover up having drunk too much.

But having spoken to a number of victims of spiking, the Olive Press knows that this is a crime that needs to be stamped out.

To find out more about the campaign, listen to MiMarbella radio station at 3.30pm, or contact

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