TWITTER can be a platform to rant, to rave or to remind Gary Lineker about his on-field ‘accident’ at the 1990 Italy World Cup.

Tweeters worldwide often use the social media site to vent their anger on a variety of subjects… but that is not the case in Spain.

New figures reveal that the greatest percentage of positive Twitter mentions are sent from Spain!

Tweets from New Zealand and Mexico are also particularly jolly with the English language dominating the site.

Spain’s growing Twitter presence can be seen through the Guardia Civil’s page, now the second most-followed police force in the world behind the FBI.

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  1. Automated tweets are a real issue for Twitter. Millions are sent each week and it is now impossible to know a real tweet from a fake one, just like any similar online services. The only thing Twitter is useful for is breaking news. For everything else, it’s totally redundant, which is why their user base is diminishing and long-term profitability is in doubt.

  2. Plenty of ridiculous positive tweets from some posters including the vested interest brigade on property websites still trying to talk the property market up, I suppose they will catch a few naive people out, after all their commissions are sky high on each sale.

    Tweeting about the country, food, and weather is ok though, but misleading people is sad!

  3. Angie, at the end you said ‘misleading people is sad!’

    You could tweet positive things about the Country, Food, Weather, Main roads, People (not ex pats), Living rates, Places to visit, Fiestas, Costas, Inland attractions, Wildlife, Markets, Culture, Healthcare, General attitude etc

    – then compare it all against the UK if you like?

  4. Derek, my comment regarding ‘misleading people is sad’ was in relation only to the property sharks and property websites. Unfortunately these people, very often British, are still at it after all the years of ‘crash’, ripping off their own nationals. Plenty of tweets as I mentioned about this.

    I did mention positive tweets though, maybe not as many as you’d have hoped me to list, I could list more sometime!

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