A PRIEST living in Spain is searching for his long-lost twin brother after his dying grandmother revealed she sold the missing twin 30 years ago.

Laying on her deathbed Romanian Maria Maria confessed to selling off one of her son’s identical twin boys days after they were born.

Teodora Maria gave birth to Nicolae and Alexandru in 1984 before Maria revealed that Alexandru had died.

The remaining twin, Nicolae, is now leading a campaign to find his brother.

He said: “I have often spoken to people who told me they had seen me somewhere that I never was. I believe they must have seen my twin brother and mistaken him for me.

“I’m hoping that if he sees my picture, he will recognise himself and get in touch. Or if not at least somebody that knows him will contact me.”

A police investigation is underway in Romania and the family have posted Nicolae’s picture on social media in the hope Alexandru will be recognised.


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