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VIDEO: Human trafficking gang that forced victims into prostitution is busted during dawn raids in south-east Spain and Romania

A CRIMINAL GANG that profited from human trafficking forced their victims into prostitution on the streets of Girona have been arrested. The suspects belonged to...

Cursach witness speaks out: “It’s like a horror movie”

A PROTECTED witness in the Tolo Cursach case has told the press that cooperating with the authorities has ‘destroyed his life’. ‘Witness 29’ has given...

Romanian pimp brothers in Spain ‘cut off prostitute’s arm with samurai sword’ and ‘put metal balls in penises to...

A COURT has heard how Romanian brothers in Spain allegedly cut off one of their prostitute's arms and forced them to eat money.  The Sandulache...

Moroccans, Romanians being recruited to fill thousands of fruit-picking positions in Andalucia despite high unemployment rate

ANDALUCIA farms are having to recruit Moroccans and Romanians to fill tens of thousands of positions due to a lack of Spanish applications.  It comes...

CONTRACT CRISIS: Spain is Europe’s worst for getting workers into full-time jobs

FEWER than one in 10 temporary workers in Spain are ever offered permanent contracts. The shocking figure makes Spain the worst out of 28 EU...

Fundraiser launched to help repatriate body of Costa del Sol flood victim

Sam Turner of Sotogrande wants to raise €1,000 to cover part of the cost to fly home the Romanian Ionela Olguta Pantelimon, the 23-year-old nightclub worker who drowned in Club California in Estepona

Spain slammed for illegal timber trade

Spain, Greece, Hungary and Romania have been singled out for being countries ‘of concern’ by the European Commission

VIDEO: Romanian police arrest suspect in Cuenca double murder case

The two victims were last seen with the suspect on August 6

Spanish lorry drivers pay UK government over €4 million in last year

In total, foreign drivers have paid a massive €60 million to the UK Treasury since a levy was introduced

Priest searches for long-lost twin brother after grandmother’s dying confession

A dying Romanian grandmother reveals she sold one of her son's twins 30 years ago, sparking a man-hunt for the missing twin

Spain’s most wanted arrested in Britain

Police are investigating how the Romanian managed to get to Britain while on Spain's top ten Most Wanted list

Spanish internet prices soar

Internet in Spain is the second most expensive in Europe

Campo de Gibraltar sex gang rounded up

15 Romanians arrested for coercing women into prostitution

One way ticket to Romania

Authorities have smashed a gypsy shantytown and gave its occupants bus tickets to Romania

Spain (almost) tops happiness charts

Study reveals that Spain is the second happiest country in Europe, behind Romania




The impact of the Pandemic on Spain’s Banking System

Currently, there are many economic and financial sectors that have been affected by the pandemic. However, the banking system in Spain has rather provided...


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