A FAMILY of four from the Canary Island of Gran Canaria has died in a car accident while on holiday in Romania. 

According to the Canarias 7 news website, the tragic incident took place while the parents and sister of Alicia Rodríguez Rodríguez were visiting her on her Erasmus study year abroad in the European country. 

Local press reports stated that the parents, Pepe Rodriguez and Maria del Carmen Rodriguez, died at the scene, while Alicia, 21, passed away in an ambulance that was taking her to hospital. Cristina, 15, died in hospital on Tuesday night while in a coma. 

The accident was reportedly caused when a vehicle tried to illegally overtake the family, colliding with their car in the process. 

Relatives of the family were reported to be travelling to Romania. 

The vice president of the ULPGC university where Alicia was studying, Jin Taira, also travelled to Romania to assist the victim’s fellow students. ‘Her [Erasmus] colleagues are in a state of shock,’ Taira told Canarias 7. ‘This is a terrible tragedy.’

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