A MENTORING programme that teaches women ‘personal and professional skills’ is now entering its fourth cycle, Gibraltar’s Minister for Equality said.

Marlene Dalli of the Ministry of Equality delivered the induction sessions with the latest group of 20 women before the start of the programme.

“I am absolutely delighted that the Women’s Mentorship Programme continues its own successful journey as it now enters its fourth cycle,” Minister for Equality Samantha Sacramento said in a statement.

Started in 2018, it has now trained up over 100 women to give them more opportunities in working life and help them reach their full potential.

Sacramento praised the mentors who gave their time to train young women.

“I am hugely indebted to the many experienced and successful mentors who have committed to taking part in the programme once again,” she said.

“Some of these mentors joined the programme at its inception in 2018 and I am very appreciative of their invaluable and generous support.

“I am pleased to say that applicants come from diverse backgrounds and that there continues to be representation from both the private and public sector.”

912.2 2022
MENTORS: The assorted group of public and private people who will lead the next cycle of mentoring programme

The mentoring is a key initiative of the government’s Gender Equality Strategy.

“The programme, which offers the possibility of cross-sector learning, can only prove instrumental in helping mentees develop both personal and professional skills,” the Minister of Equality added.

“Additionally, the programme aims to ensure that there is greater gender diversity in the workplace, particularly in positions of leadership and management.

“More diverse teams in the workplace is not only a moral imperative but makes good business sense too,” she concluded.

She encouraged women to take part in future cycles of the programme by emailing the department on equality@gibraltar.gov.gi.


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