Exclusive by Rob Horgan

AN English expat has taken in six puppies after they were left in a cardboard box on her driveway.

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Harriet Adie – who runs a small dog kennels in Pelayo, near Tarifa – was ‘left in tears’ after her five-year-old discovered the abandoned pups.

This is the second time Adie has found a litter of puppies on her doorstep after four pups were left in a dishwasher box outside her home last summer.

She said: “It was my little girl’s fifth birthday and as we left for school she pointed at the box and said ‘Mummy look, someone has left me a present’.

“I have no idea who dumped them but I do know it was planned as my house is off the beaten track and you really have to know where we are to find it.

“The local farmer brought his nanny goats in and gave me some warm goats milk which I softened the puppy biscuits with and they gobbled up the lot.”

After posting the initial video to Facebook, Adie posted two more videos showing the puppies eating and playing with her daughter.

Adie also helps out at a number of animal rescue centres and helps to re-home dogs in the area.


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