IT is a classic family business.

Jose Antonio Lopez and his wife Montse are often joined by their two children at weekends when the resort gets busy.

But thankfully it’s not too far, the family living in nearby La Zubia, just at the foot of the slopes.

In an excellent location, their shop Skisol has some of the best quality skis and snowboards to rent and customer service is the key to its success.

“We always put the customer first and have plenty of returning business,” explains Jose Antonio, who has been renting out skis in the Sierra Nevada for 35 years.

Best of all, the prices have not gone up for a decade, with boots and ski rental costing just €23 and the entire kit for just €18.

“And we don’t just rent out any old equipment… we buy at least 50 new pairs of boots alone each season,” he adds.

Visit or call 958 48 08 57

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