PODEMOS has revealed that since its creation in January it has received €865,886 in private donations.

The amount goes up to €1,01 million thanks to a grant that subsidised the party’s expenses during the European elections along with proceeds from marketing sales.

Private donations make up 82,4% of the party’s income with €87,640 being collected every month.

Podemos currently has 9,335 regular financial supporters who on average donate €9.38 per month.

The party’s five MEPs also contribute part of their salaries so that out of the gross €8,020 that Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias makes as a MEP €1,761 goes to tax, €2,000 to the party and another €2000 to his La Tuerka television programme.

Pablo Echenique and Tania Gonzalez Penas make and donate the same amount as Iglesias while Lola Sanchez Caldentey gives an extra €100 and Teresa Rodriguez Rubio donates €4,522.


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