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‘Gibraltar is a colony of the British Crown’ says new EU Brexit text pushed through by Spain

British MEP Claude Moraes, who was removed as the rapporteur on Monday, claimed the move had come after ‘a long campaign of bullying’

British MEP forced from key role after row with Spain over Gibraltar

A BRITISH MEP has been stripped of a key EU role after he accused opponents of ‘dirty tricks’ in the dispute over Gibraltar’s status. Claude...

Tony Blair denies planning political comeback to influence Brexit negotiations

The former Labour prime minister, who, according to a source, thinks Theresa May is a ‘lightweight’, has labelled reports that he has set up an institute near Whitehall as ‘wholly untrue'

King Felipe assures MEPs of ‘united and diverse’ Spain

Spanish King speaks out in Strasbourg during official visit

UKIP MEPs raise Gibraltar flag in European Parliament

The Gibraltar flag was raised in the European Parliament by UKIP MEPs

Podemos’ Pablo Iglesias gives King Felipe Game of Thrones DVD in first meet

Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias is to meet Spanish King Felipe VI for the very first time in a Brussels MEP meet-up

Podemos reveals it receives €865,886 in private donations

Podemos receives 82,4% of its income through private donetions

Named and shamed: the worst MEPs in Europe

Racists, homophobes and drug convicts...they are a strange bunch

Controversial Spanish MEP becomes EU energy chief

Miguel Arias Canete's sexist comments during a political debate went viral

Gibraltar’s reef is legal

The artificial reef is environmentally sound

James Cracknell vows to help Gibraltarians

Olympic hero James Cracknell tells the Olive Press he will fight to help the Gibraltar economy from Spanish border chaos if he becomes an MEP

Don’t go to Spain, says Gibraltar MEP

Euro MP Julie Girling posted her views on Twitter

EU supports CEPSA refinery pollution probe

Gibraltar's MEP Graham Watson has voiced concerns over increased pollution from the CEPSA oil refinery

Spanish MEP gets stung

Pablo Zalba Bidegain is the fourth MEP to be caught up in controversy

Gibraltar demands answers over pollution levels

Gibraltar MEP has asked the EC to inspect a San Roque refinery

They’ve bottled it!

EU ‘no vote’ saves Spain from loss of 185 million in benefits, while developed countries dig their heels in over proposed greenhouse gas cuts




Drought latest in Spain: Malaga reservoir levels remain critical with NO rain forecast for the next week

RESERVOIR levels across Andalucia remain precariously low despite recent rainfall, new figures have revealed. It comes as the southernmost region of Spain suffers its worst...


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