REMOVED: Labour MEP Moraes forced out of role

A BRITISH MEP has been stripped of a key EU role after he accused opponents of ‘dirty tricks’ in the dispute over Gibraltar’s status.

Claude Moraes refused to accept the controversial description of the British overseas territory as a ‘colony’ in draft EU law.

The two largest parties, the European People’s Party and the Socialists & Democrats, forced through Moraes’ removal on the grounds of a conflict of interest.

The veteran MEP said: “This denigrates the parliament, it denigrates the UK’s position in the parliament.

“It is pretty dirty politics.”

STATUS: EU legislation described Gibraltar as a ‘colony’

Spain has long challenged British sovereignty over Gibraltar and argued the territory be described as a ‘colony of the British crown’ in legislation.

A number of Moraes’ fellow MEPs have defended him and called his removal an ‘unconstitutional act.’

Czech MEP Peter Jezek said: “I disassociate myself with this process and consider it scandalous that such a decision has been taken purely on the basis of the nationality.”

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