SEIZED: An illegally caught bluefin tuna was seized by Guardia Civil officers in Marbella

THE Guardia Civil has seized an illegally caught bluefin tuna as it went to market in Marbella.

Officers who captured the 180kg fish did not find any documentation or labelling to prove it was a legal catch.

Because no documents could confirm the meat as fit for human consumption, the animal had to be composted.

The Guardia Civil subsequently denounced the three people who had tried to sell the untraceable seafood at a Marbella market.

The original incident occurred on March 17 before agents from the Guardia’s SEPRONA division intervened.

They worked in collaboration with the Fisheries Inspection of the Junta de Andalucia in an operation against poaching and illegal fishing.

It is a crime to catch, transport and market seafood without having documents and labels to trace the product.

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