PONT-TAILED Pablo Iglesias shunned protocol to give King Felipe the complete ‘Game of Thrones’ series when they met for the first time today.game of thrones

The king reacted graciously at the Brussels MEP meet-up in Brussels, grinning and admitting he had not yet seen the series.

Iglesias reportedly gifted the violent series to him so he might ‘better understand the political crisis in Spain’.

We predicted a warm embrace would be unlikely when they met for the first time, given Iglesias’ desire to abolish the monarchy.

The left wing leader currently topping the polls also plans to call a referendum on the monarchy’s future should he come to power, so tensions were expected to be running high.

Furthermore, Iglesias had requested a meeting with King Felipe in February but had not received a reply.

It was the king’s first visit as monarch to the European Parliament to greet the 54 Spanish MEPs, five of whom are Podemos politicians.



  1. Stefanjo,
    the UK left has been a sick joke for far too long – maybe you are old enough to remember Linton Kwesi’s Johnson’s famous lines from 1977 – the Communist party is too arty farty and the Labourites never fight for your rights – true then and even more so now.

    Where were you in 68 stefanjo? like the rest of the UK left – frightened of their own shadows unlike the incredibly brave French/German/Dutch/Italian Left.

    I saw first hand how brave the Spanish students and workers were in Pamplona on Mayday in the Plaza del Castillas, nearly got killed there myself – mouth is cheap but action takes courage.
    So where were you on Mayday in 68?

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