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Corruption probes into former King of Spain, Juan Carlos, dropped due to ‘lack of evidence’

PROSECUTORS in Spain are shelving two corruption probes involving former monarch, Juan Carlos, due to a lack of evidence. It's more good news for the...

Spanish royals employ fleet of eagles to take out palace drones

King Felipe VI and his family got the idea from the Dutch police

Spain’s King Felipe and Queen Letizia accept Queen’s invite to visit the UK

The Spanish monarchs will make a state visit to the UK

Mystery drones disrupt royal slumber in Madrid

Royal guards forced to take action as drones try to sneak a peek at King Felipe’s palace

King Felipe strips ‘duchess’ title from Princess Cristina

Infanta Cristina has been stripped of the title of 'duchess'

Podemos’ Pablo Iglesias gives King Felipe Game of Thrones DVD in first meet

Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias is to meet Spanish King Felipe VI for the very first time in a Brussels MEP meet-up

King Felipe VI becomes first Spanish monarch on a gay magazine cover

Felipe was also the first Spanish monarch to meet with LGBT representatives in his first week in office

Tax fraud charges against Princess Cristina upheld by Mallorca court

But the court has dropped money-laundering charges

Simpsons style makeover for Queen Letizia, newest resident of Springfield

Artist Alexsandro Palombo was inspired by her 'strength' and 'determination'

The King and Queen are about to arrive in Malaga

Friday marks the first official royal visit to Andalucia since June's coronation

Illegal property amnesty in Balearic Islands could be overturned for a portrait of the wrong king

The voting chamber apparently hadn't got the memo about the coronation

PHOTO: Teenagers’ Queen Letizia selfie goes viral

Two teenage girls grabbed the picture after chatting with the 'very friendly' Queen

Fashion Queen Letizia boosts Spain’s crisis-hit clothing industry

Spanish designers and clothing companies have the new queen to thank for a recent upsurge in attention to the country’s fashions

Gibraltar’s chief minister hopes Spain’s King Felipe will herald new era of friendship

Picardo offered a hand of friendship to the new King Felipe VI during a speech in the US last week

New King not moving into extravagant Royal Palace

No new residence, but ‘recession royal’ insists on installing his own painting in Zarzuela palace office

Spain’s Princess Cristina to face charges

The major development comes as a huge embarrassment to the new King Felipe

120 snipers to cover Spanish king’s proclamation

Anti-monarchy protests have prompted major reaction from Spanish government

King of Spain misses Mandela memorial service

Questions have been raised over why the King of Spain missed Nelson Mandela's memorial service





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